Sunday, October 1, 2023

Two Imams Lead Prayer At Same In Peshawar Mosque

In a mosque in Peshawar Regi Model Town, a video has gone viral showing two imams leading prayers at the same time. Two imams leading simultaneous prayers in the yard drew additional complaints from locals.

The worshipers wanted to change the imam of the mosque in Regi Model Town, located on the outskirts of Peshawar, but the previous imam, Maulvi Adaf Saleem, was adamant about leading. According to the police, the worshipers simultaneously tied the intention of Asr prayer behind the two imams. The police are of the opinion that the issue of Imamat in Regi Model Town Mosque has been temporarily resolved and the Imamat has been temporarily handed over to the new Imam Mufti Niaz Muhammad after consultation with the local residents. Mufti Niaz Muhammad said that he is a PhD doctor and Mufti. The people of the neighborhood requested him to lead, it was not a religious issue.

Maulvi Ghadaf Saleem, the mosque’s first imam, allegedly sought control of the mosque’s administration and authority.

SP Warsak Arshad Khan said that Bilal Masjid led by two imams is located in Zone 3 Sector 2 in Regi Model Town. Two other mosques in town had official PDA imams posted, but the imams at Masjid Bilal preferred to stay in their positions permanently. The former imam of the mosque, Ghadaf Saleem, said that he has now resigned from the imam at the request of the local people.

Two imams can be seen at the beginning of the film, and they state that they were the first to tie the intention and begin praying.

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