Monday, March 4, 2024

UAE introduces Golden Visa for Pakistani Nurses

The recent extension of the UAE’s Golden Visa program to include Pakistani nurses signifies a pivotal recognition of their pivotal role in healthcare, offering them opportunities for professional growth and enhanced quality of life. Nurses with a valid license and at least five years of experience can now apply for this prestigious visa, unlocking a range of benefits.

The Golden Visa provides a pathway for professionals to reside, work, or study in the UAE, granting them a host of advantages. Its key benefits include a six-month entry visa with multiple entries, along with a long-term, renewable residence visa spanning 5 or 10 years, eliminating the need for sponsorship.

This extension also extends family sponsorship privileges to the visa holder, encompassing spouses, children of all ages, and domestic helpers, fostering familial unity and stability.

Moreover, the flexibility for extended stays outside the UAE exceeds the typical six-month limit, allowing visa holders to manage personal or professional commitments without compromising their residency status.

While the cost varies depending on the category, reports suggest that nurses can obtain the Golden Visa for approximately AED 100,000, offering them a chance to access these exclusive privileges.

The application process is streamlined, requiring standard documentation, completion of forms, fee payment, and submission to the UAE government. The estimated processing time of three to six months positions this program as an accessible avenue for Pakistani nurses to advance their careers and lifestyles in the UAE. This initiative underscores the UAE’s appreciation for the contributions of healthcare professionals and their commitment to facilitating opportunities for global talent.

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