Tuesday, March 5, 2024

UAE: Mother’s Big Sacrifice to Save her Son

A mother in the UAE sacrificed her life to save her son.

According to foreign media, Emirati woman Fatima Al-Zayudi has proved the truth by giving a piece of liver to her 17-year-old son Yusuf al-Naqbi that children are their mother’s liver.

A successful liver transplant was performed at the Cleveland Clinic in Abu Dhabi, in which doctors removed a piece of the liver of mother Fatima Al-Zayudi and transplanted it. Both operations were long and complex, but were successful, the mother and son are now recovering and after the transplant, the son’s liver is working normally.

The woman said that after seeing all the reports, the doctors had finally told that the treatment of the disease is nothing but a liver transplant, after the doctors’ report, she decided to donate her liver piece immediately to save her son’s life.

“It was a big decision of my life. I prayed that my liver would be useful for my son. The doctors’ reports in this regard were positive, but the son was not happy, but I convinced him.

Referring to the emotional moments after the operation, the woman said that my son Yusuf al-Naqbi is a piece of my liver and my life, when he was looking at me after the operation, these were wonderful moments of life. That’s when I realised it was my biggest achievement and I was proud of it.

On the other hand, Yusuf al-Naqabi, a young man who got a new life after the successful operation, said, “I am grateful to Allah who gave me such a big-hearted mother.” I can’t express my happiness in words.

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