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UAE Sets New World Record for Creating Largest Word Formed with Boats

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) made waves in the record books as they orchestrated a spectacular event on Al Lulu Island in Abu Dhabi. The feat involved strategically parking over 50 boats to spell out the acronym ‘UAE,’ clinching a Guinness World Records title.

Initially, the boat club members contemplated commemorating the 52nd year of the National Day with the number 52. However, a shift in focus led them to devise a long-term celebration plan, centering on the acronym UAE. Bashar Mihyar, Marketing Director at the Captain’s Club, shared that the decision to use precisely 52 boats was a symbolic dedication to the United Arab Emirates.

The meticulous planning commenced around 1 am when boats were relocated from various marinas to Al Lulu Island. Before the break of dawn, the team enjoyed a grand barbecue, setting the tone for the challenging task ahead. Starting at 6 am, they meticulously parked the boats to form the vertical lines of the letters ‘U,’ ‘A,’ and ‘E,’ gradually filling in the gaps.

Ensuring stability proved to be a significant challenge during the seven-and-a-half-hour record attempt. With a display width of 380 meters and a height of 155 meters, coordination was key. A team of 64 captains, with four to five captains per boat, worked tirelessly to secure each vessel in its position. The process, taking 20-30 minutes per boat, required precise execution to maintain straight lines and stability among adjacent boats.

Mihyar highlighted the complexities of docking boats in open water, emphasizing the absence of a jetty or marina. To counter this, a four-point anchor system, with two anchors at the front and back of each boat, was employed. This meticulous approach ensured that the boats remained in their designated places, adhering to the precise calculations authorized by Guinness World Records.

In essence, the UAE’s record-breaking endeavor not only showcased their maritime prowess but also symbolized a lasting dedication to the nation through a unique and visually stunning celebration.

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