Tuesday, May 28, 2024

UAE’s “Barq EV” Launches as First Mobility Logistic Solutions Provider.

A Corporation that specialises in smart mobility and logistics solutions, named as Barq EV, today revealed the initial inauguration of it’s Services in The UAE.

This Company has aimed to offer a unified set of products and services to its Consumers, which is going to contribute in enhancing the last mile delivery experience, this mission has been aligned with the UAE’s purpose to stimulate the advancement of the logistics aviations, and e-commerce companies in the UAE.

The company announced, in an event taken place at the Emirates Palace Hotel, in Abu Dhabi’s Capital, that the delivery difficulties of multiple areas will be resolved, including the e-commerce logistics, and medicinal equipment deliveries, with it’s eco-friendly electric vehicles.

The Company’s Co-founder Ahmed Suhail Faris al Mazroui, claimed that UAE has an unparalleled proven history, of creating innovative ideas and Initiatives in the Middle East, this is because of the support of the authorities for fresh businesses and growing corporations, which also involves development of the efficient business atmosphere and technology incubators, including the financial essentials.

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