Tuesday, April 23, 2024

UAE’s Sultan Al-Neyadi Becomes 1st Arab Astronaut To Complete Spacewalk

UAE astronaut Sultan Al-Neyadi is now the first Arab to accomplish a spacewalk (that lasted 7.01 hours) during Expedition 69 venturing out of the International Space Station. One of the objectives of the Extravehicular Activity (EVA), which was completed, was to work on a series of preparatory tasks which involved routing power cables.

Prior to the spacewalk, a set of checks were made to ensure the safety of the astronauts. During the high-altitude walk outside, Sultan Al-Neyadi and Bowen had to face with two major challenges: radiation and extreme temperatures, as he surrounding environment in space can reach scorching temperatures of up to 120 degrees Celsius in the sunlight and fall as low as -150 degrees Celsius when the sun is out of sight.

Soon Sultan Al-Neyadi have completed two months in space after releasing from Cape Canaveral in Florida with his Crew-6 team members on March 2. In his second month, Sultan Al-Neyadi carried multiple experiments.

The UAE Astronaut Programme is a project managed by the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre under the UAE’s National Space Programme, funded by the ICT Fund of the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority. It aims to support research and development in the ICT sector in the UAE and increase the country’s integration on the global stage.

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