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Umrah Plus: Umrah (Powered by Funadiq) and the Saudi Tourism Authority (STA) Collaborate to Offer Enhanced Travel Experience to Pakistani pilgrims

The Saudi Minister of Hajj & Umrah’s first ever visit to Pakistan marked a significant milestone in the appointment of Umrah Companions (Powered by Funadiq) as strategic partners of Saudi Tourism Authority (STA) for Pakistan. The primary goal of this engagement between the Saudi Tourism Authority (STA) and Umrah Companions (Funadiq) extends beyond promoting Umrah trips. The shared vision of the Saudi authority and the technology startup is to promote Saudi tourism with a spirit of companionship, increased access, and enhanced traveller experience.

Umrah Companions(Funadiq) is a Saudi Arabian originated online travel agency (OTA) with presence around the world. The innovative startup has been active in serving the Pakistani market, facilitating friction-free travel to the Holy Land., powered by, provides easy-to-use online Umrah planning & trip booking tools to create customized Umrah packages for travel to Mecca, Medina and other cities in Saudi Arabia. The Umrah Companions(Funadiq) technology platform is built on a promise of companionship to tourists worldwide, who use the platform to enjoy a seamless, A-Z experience arranging their visits to the Kingdom. From applying for visas, to booking hotels, flights, transportation, spiritual tours, and leisure visits, handles it all.

The STA and joined hands to serve Pakistani travellers, whether they seek spiritual fulfilment in Mecca and Medina or adventure in the Red Sea’s coral reefs and Al-Ula’s mountains. This signed collaboration between the STA and is all about improving the tourist experience.

Vision 2030 – Pakistan to play its part in Saudi Transformation

This collaboration is a part of Saudi Vision 2030, which aims to open Saudi Arabia to the world by expanding its tourism sector. According to the Saudi Arabian Tourism Authority, tourism development is an important growth driver for the Kingdom’s future and is one of the key pillars in the Vision 2030 plan to diversify the country’s economy and reduce dependence on oil. Critically, the STA has engaged strategic partners around the globe to help realize Saudi Vision 2030. (Funadiq) has been ahead of the curve, facilitating travel to Saudi Arabia driven by technology since its inception. The company has focused on serving the Pakistani market, one of the most populous Muslim demographics on the planet. The partnership flowered naturally between the Saudi ministry and will promise to strengthen the long-standing bilateral relationship between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

Promise for a Brighter Future

In event, authorities from the Saudi Tourism Authority set out on a change-making visit to Karachi, Pakistan, with a clear mission in mind – to make more grounded ties within the domain of tourism. Driving the Saudi appointment was none other than Mr. Alhasan Aldabbagh, President APAC Markets at Saudi Tourism Authority. The Saudi dignitary was met with a warm welcome from local travel and trade leaders.

On the agenda of the President APAC Market’s visit – meeting COO of – Saad Salman. Together, they came up with the terms and conditions of the agreement, consisting of several features including the joint advancement of Umrah tourism, methods of enhancing pilgrim experience, increasing the marketability of Saudi tourism in Pakistan, strengthening, and cultivating social engagement programs between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan to extend the understanding of each other’s legacy and conventions.

Mr. Aldabbagh guaranteed Saudi Arabia’s commitment to providing a unique focus for Pakistani tourists in Saudi Arabia. Mohammad Salman Arain, Global CEO of, in turn, communicated appreciation for the STA and the huge potential this organisation holds in upgrading travel for Pakistani travellers to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He emphasised that this strategic engagement begins a new era for Pakistani Umrah pilgrims and travellers to Saudi Arabia.

The top leadership of Ministry of Hajj & Umrah, Saudi Arabia has also attended the ceremony. In an associated event, the head of communication at the Saudi Ministry of Hajj & Umrah reiterated that we are fully committed to enhance the effectiveness of all communication channels available to Pakistani pilgrims. He explicitly mentioned that our call centres are 24 x 7 available to serve the pilgrims to address any complaints and receive their suggestions. Pilgrims can reach us at phone number +966 920002814 or Email us at [email protected]

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