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Unexpected Danger Of Plucking Your Nose Hair

Most men pluck the hairs inside their noses from the roots while shaving, they think that these hairs are visible on the face which does not look good, even now some women are also waxing and plucking their noses.

But did you know that messing with nose hair can kill you?

Yes! Nose hair plucking is strictly prohibited by experts, as a person ages, nose hairs become longer, thicker and can become more prominent.

However, cutting or scratching the nose hairs will not benefit the health, the opposite can be harmful.

People often choose to have them removed for personal reasons, such as the past few days on Tik Tok and social media where videos of nose waxing have been circulating, showing that nose waxing can beautify a person’s face.

Experts say that just as earwax acts as a wax to protect the ears, nose hair is an important part of your body’s defense system.

The presence of these hairs provides protection against inhalation of allergens, dust, and other tiny particles.

Damages or diseases caused by nose hair plucking

Experts say that by removing the nose hair, the dust enters the lungs through the nose, which increases the chances of respiratory diseases, especially asthma.

According to experts, plucking the nose hairs can lead to an infection called ‘nasal vestibulitis’, which results in inflammation inside and outside the nose, pimples at the root of the nose hairs, crusting around the nostrils and pain or irritation in the nose.

Another infection is nasal furunculosis, which affects the hair glands deep inside the nose, causing difficulty breathing.

In addition, this infection usually causes pain, swelling and inflammation, but in some cases, it can cause cavernous sinus thrombosis, in which a blood clot collects in the area of ​​the brain behind the eyes, and this blood clot can be life-threatening.

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