Thursday, July 25, 2024

Unfair Taxes on Salaried Class, Supreme Court Urged to Take Notice of ‘Unjust’Treatment in Budget

The Salaried Class Alliance Pakistan has voiced strong opposition to the recent federal budget, calling it unfair to salaried employees. During a press conference in Karachi, representatives from the alliance urged the Supreme Court to take suo motu notice of the increased tax rates affecting the salaried class.

Obaidullah Sharif explained that the budget has significantly raised taxes for salaried individuals, making it difficult for them to afford basic necessities. Komal Ali criticized the finance minister’s claim that no additional burdens were placed on the salaried class.

She pointed out that the tax contribution from salaried workers has increased dramatically over the years. Ali emphasized that the alliance, made up of ordinary citizens and non-political in nature, seeks a fairer tax system.

A. Ahmed Khan argued that the government unfairly targets the salaried class, which lacks the power to protest against such measures. He highlighted that while salaried employees have taxes deducted directly from their paychecks, other sectors, such as agriculture, often evade taxation. Khan criticized the dominance of landlords in the assemblies, saying this leads to the neglect of issues faced by the salaried class.

The alliance called for an increase in the minimum tax threshold for salaried employees to Rs100,000 per month. They also suggested expanding the tax net to include landlords and other sectors that currently avoid paying taxes. By doing so, they believe it would create a more balanced and fair tax system for everyone.

The alliance stressed that their goal is to achieve a fair taxation system that does not disproportionately burden salaried workers while allowing other sectors to evade taxes. They hope that their call for action will prompt the Supreme Court to address these concerns and bring about necessary changes to the federal budget.

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