Monday, March 4, 2024

United Increases Bike Prices Upto Rs. 18000 in Pakistan

The backdrop of economic turmoil and a Kakar-led interim government’s perceived lack of direction has set the stage for ongoing challenges in Pakistan’s auto industry, particularly evident in the persistent issue of price hikes. United Auto Industries recently initiated the first in a series of price increases, raising its bike prices by up to Rs. 18,000 effective from January 9, 2024.

Here’s a breakdown of the new United bike prices:

  1. United US 70 (Standard): Unchanged, maintaining its previous price.
  2. US 70 (Alloy Rim): Increased by Rs. 5,000, now priced at Rs. 114,500.
  3. US-100 (Special): Price retained at the previous rate.
  4. US-100 (Standard): Increased by Rs. 10,000, reaching Rs. 117,000 from Rs. 107,000.
  5. US-100 (Standard Special): Hiked by Rs. 10,000, with the new price at Rs. 118,000 from Rs. 108,000.
  6. US-100 (Standard Alloy Rims): A substantial increase of Rs. 18,000, reaching Rs. 127,500 from Rs. 109,500.
  7. United US Scooty 100: Price remains unchanged.
  8. United US 125: No observed price jump.

Notably, the company has not provided any reasons for these price adjustments, a practice that has become a tradition in the industry.

Analysts foresee a prolonged recovery period for the automotive sector, estimating it might take two to three years to emerge from the current economic slump. This suggests that consumers should anticipate continued challenges, including frequent price hikes, for the foreseeable future.

The lack of a clear economic roadmap and the absence of explanations from companies contribute to the prevailing uncertainty. Stakeholders, including consumers and industry players, may continue to face difficulties until a comprehensive strategy is implemented to address the underlying causes of the economic challenges in Pakistan’s auto industry. The resilience and recovery of the sector may require collaborative efforts from both the private sector and the government to instill confidence and stability in the market.

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