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United US 70 Price in Pakistan 2023 – Specs, Features, Colors, and Pictures

United US 70 price in Pakistan is revealed in January 2022 by its company known as United. This company was founded in 1999, and the CEO of united company’s owner name is Sana Ullah Chaudhary. United company has provided a beautiful model that’s design attractive and appealing. If you want to check it, you can find it at different dealer stores.

United Company follows some standards and fundamentals to give it elegant style and design. Therefore, it is popular due to its attractive design and looks. Also, it is worth talking about the strong material quality used in its design. The graphics and sleek design of United US 70 give it an impressive look.

United US 70 Colors

Everyone wants a thing of his choice in this era, whether colour, size, or design. If we talk about United US 70 colours availability in Pakistan, it is available in two colours. So, the customers of United US 70 choose between two colours Red and Black. They can choose their favourite one.

United US 70 Features

Some of the United US 70 features are listed below.


United US 70 bike performance is great. The reason behind its wonderful performance is its 4-stroke air-cooled engine. Its engine output regarding working and fuel consumption is impressive. The Fuel average consumption is almost similar as offered by the Honda cc.

United US 70 is more efficient than its previous models. Also, United US 70 is more powerful. The design of the engine is ultra-compact, which increases its design beauty.

Due to its great performance and quality of material with the low-price tag, customers are attracted towards it.


The engine of United US 70 power is 4 stroke OHC. It means that four separate ignition strokes are completed while turning the crankshaft.

United US 70 Engine also supports an air-cooled system that means that its engines use cooling fins to normalize the heat of combustion. It contains one cylinder, which has a capacity of 9 litres.

Transmission system

The transmission system of a bike is a complex component. The reason is that this system allows the engine to run or move at different speed ranges. The four gears are responsible for engaging the drive chain at four different speed levels.

United US 70 bike offers 4- speed transmission system that can be moved between four different speed ranges and RPM.

Kick Starter System

United US 70 bike also supports a kick-starter system. It is a method to start an engine’s internal combustion by pushing the lever with one foot. The kick-starter system called Arm Assy Kick.

Attractive speedometer

United US 70 models have an attractive speedometer that pulls the attraction of customers toward itself. It contains LED lighting having the standard quality.

Strong shock absorber

Shock absorbers are used to control the unwanted and excess spring motion. They absorb the compression of springs and rebound the springs. United US 70 contains a strong shock absorber that improves its performance.

Lockable side cover

United US 70 also contains the feature of a lockable side cover.

Chromed rear shock

United US 70 bike has the chromed rear shock whose activity and quality are enhanced and improved from the past models. It also has a matching upper for the chromed rear shock.


United US 70 seat is comfortable and durable. United US 70 seats are separately available in the market and at affordable prices.


United company is providing its customers with amazing products features. It provides a warranty of 6 months for its engine at the time of purchase.

Suppose any of the customers find that the United US 70 is causing problems or is not working properly. Then the united company is responsible for changing the engine. If a problem is found in any engine part, they are replaced or repaired by the authorized dealers of the united company.

Specifications of United US 70

Some of the United US 70 specifications basic specifications are given below. Due to its uniqueness, some of the specifications from the previous models has improved.

Specifications of United US 70 2022

Model and Engine

United US 70 was introduced by the United company having the brand model name of United US 70. The engine type of united US 70 cc is 4 stroke US. The oil used by the engine is 0.7 litre.

Starting System

US 70 has starting system called Arm Assy Kick.

Fuel type and capacity

The united US 70 cc model uses petrol as a fuel. The tank capacity is 9 litres. It contains only one cylinder for Fuel.

Compression and Transmission

The compression ratio offered by the United US 70 cc is 8: 1: 1. The transmission system support 4-speed.


United US 70 tyres are of good quality. Front tyre support 2.25-17/4PR. But the rear tyre has 2.50-17/4PR.


The front brake and rear brake use the mechanical drum procedure.


The clutch offered in United US 70 is a multi-plate clutch.

United US 70 Battery

United US 70 battery is impressive. It has a capacity of 12 volts.


United US 70 has a backbone frame type.

Ground Clearance

The ground clearance of United US 70 is 135 mm.


The United US 70 cc dimension Length x width x height is 1897 mm.


US 70 cc engine has a displacement of 78 ccs.

United US 70 Price in Pakistan 2022

United US 70 price in Pakistan is 45,500. US 70 is one of the affordable 70cc bike in Pakistan

This is not the fixed price of United US 70. Its price may vary about PKR. 2000 to PKR. 500 then the given price and is negotiable from the dealers of United US 70.

If we talk about the United US 70 bike price in Pakistan 2022 compared to the other brands of bikes, you should know that Honda and United are competing. United company is trying to compete the Honda by providing improved and better products.

United US 70 2022 Availability in Pakistan

US 70 is available in Pakistan at the stores of different dealers and especially available in the United company dealer’s stores. Its dealer stores are available almost in every city of Pakistan. You can also find and know the United US 70 on different websites.

United US 70 comparison with Honda CD 70

United US 70 and Honda CD provide the same features and specifications. The difference noticed in the specification is that the compression rate offered by United US 70 is 9:1:1, but the Honda CD 70 is 8:1:1. The petrol capacity of United US 70 cc is more than offered by the Honda CD 70.

Honda CD 70 price in Pakistan is higher than the United US 70 cc price in Pakistan. If the united company provided such promising models, it would compete with the Honda bikes in the coming years.

Honda CD 70 in Pakistan


United company is emerging day by day as it provides promising models regarding the performance in the country. You can find that the overall market status of United company is good, and it is competing with other companies. United US 70 cc prices are also reasonable according to its features and specifications.

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