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Viral Billboards of Calls Out the Traffic Regulatory Authorities in Karachi

We’ve seen many brands take bold steps to speak up about social issues, but this one brand has really taken it to another level by hitting back at Karachi’s traffic police for not doing anything about the traffic in the city yet., an online shopping app has used its billboard content to sympathize with the Karachiites who have been struggling to commute without a single day of not getting stuck in a traffic jam.

While driving seems like a hobby or more of a leisure activity in other countries, for Karachiites it’s just a pure misery-all thanks to the distressing traffic situation in the city. The brand recently asked a question to all the daily commuters, and we almost shed a tear over how someone finally asked about the pain every Karachi driver has been holding for years.

Imagine you are going home after a tiring work day and get stuck on Shah-re-Faisal traffic when you suddenly spot a billboard that reads “Thak Nahi Jatay Roz Drive Kerkay?” and your heart goes “Yes”. That’s exactly how each and every Karachiite reacted after seeing this highly relatable content! Netizens all over Twitter even shared snapshots of the billboard talking about how it literally speaks their heart out.

The interesting part is that the brand already knew your answer to this question, and has already come up with a solution! Who knows when the traffic regulatory authorities will actually play their part? took responsibility and acted more than just an online shopping store. Using sharp-witted billboard content, the brand urged people to simplify their lives and the lives of others by deleting rush on the roads, but how?

While many tech geeks have been debating on the correctness of the function the brand used, has been successful enough in grabbing the attention of the masses through this billboard. If you look closely, you will understand that the online store is asking Karachiites to get rid of Karachi’s traffic by simply shopping online, or in their words… #ScrollKaroShopKaro!

We somehow felt like we heard the tagline #ScrollKaroShopKaro before. After a bit of research, we found out that this is the same brand that put up billboards in the city earlier and was in fact criticized for running out of ideas… but looks like its copywriters had different plans.

Billboards have always been a brilliant way in catching the maximum eyeballs of commuters and passersby because if you like it or not you would eventually start remembering something you see every day! However, this time Karachiites remember these new billboards for a different reason…they are just too terribly accurate. If we put it in better words, it looks like the brand is as exhausted as anyone else, facing the usual struggles of a Karachiite.

The team behind such an amazing concept has given us something to talk about. Karachi people have a built-in humorous mind, and people appreciate when something quirky is on the news. We found the billboard content relatable to its mainstream lingo. Kudos to’s creativity, which managed to catch the eyes of a finicky audience!

Our favorite from all the comical billboards were “Waqt say Pehlay Hogai Delivery?” What does it actually mean? These Pun-intended one-liners are unmissable when you are a Karachiite. Another one goes like “Stress ko Release Karo!” cause we all know how Karachi traffic can turn a Cool driver into an enraged man within a few minutes.

Crowded roads like Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karimabad, Nazimabad, Expo Centre, and Shahrah-e-Quaideen, are now more amusing. People can actually enjoy these billboards which definitely beat the Rickshaw’s cringy shayari and roadside bangali baba ads.

It’s not about wittiness only, is giving out some life hacks that people can add to their daily routines. Every teenage boy should make “Ami K Orders Ko Ab Order Karo!” a motto. Not going out in “dhoop” and ordering all essentials at the doorstep can make both you and “Ami’s” happy.

Wait, these guys have got something for lovers out there too. All men are taking a sigh of relief as they now know “Babe ki Farmaish puri karo” is finally possible while staying at home. People all over Twitter are reacting to this cheesy billboard content, and we are in fits over what Karachiites have got to say. “Blue Hour” has taken been taken as a glitch before, but after its success, it has become a thing now. The mysterious campaign has allowed customers to buy products in the online store at the lowest prices, which can go as low as Rs.3! Blue hour prices start from Rs.3, Rs.10, Rs.50, and Rs.99 only. Hard to believe? Check out their website for yourself!

Digging more into the online shopping app, we found out about the new Spin and Win campaign. Buying a new iPhone14 is not easy, but is offering to spin and win an iPhone 14 Pro Max right away.

Spin and Win bring you a lot of other exciting gifts that can make your day. It has a beauty and grooming discount that is worth Rs.1000, moreover, you might win Rs.2000 OFF on your way to checkout.

There is more! You can win a 15% Discount voucher on your whole cart, along with a chance of getting free delivery. Stop wondering and grab this chance to win amazing gifts and iPhone14 Pro Max now.

It won’t be wrong to say that the online shopping store’s marketing is 101/100 and they really have pulled off a great campaign that will be remembered by many.

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