Monday, September 25, 2023

Vitamin K Deficiency Can Cause Lung Cancer

Deficiency of vitamin K increases the risk of developing lung diseases and problems, a medical study has revealed.

According to the research report published in the world-renowned medical journal ‘ERJ Open Research’, when experts conducted tests and asked questions of all the volunteers, it was concluded that lack of vitamin K can cause lung diseases and problems. Rather, difficulty in breathing may also occur.

There is a special component of vitamins that is obtained from various fruits and vegetables. The human body can get as much of this vitamin as it needs from some food, but sometimes due to some medical complications and poor diet. Because the human body does not get the required amount of vitamin K, its deficiency can cause lung problems among other problems.

According to the report, the experts examined and asked questions to nearly 4,000 volunteers during their review.

According to the medical report, the results showed that people who are deficient in vitamin K have difficulty breathing, wheezing while they also complain of lung pain and other complications. 

According to experts, the vitamin works better for blood circulation in the body, it prevents blood clotting, but if there is a lack of this vitamin, the blood begins to clot, which can affect the lungs.

According to the medical research report, experts say that lack of vitamin K can lead to other complications including asthma.

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