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Vivo Y20 Price in Pakistan 2023 – Specs, Features, Variants and Everything you need to know

Y20, launched in august 2020 by Vivo, is an amazing android with its halo full-screen display, triple macro rear cameras, and fingerprint sensor. The phone comes with the latest technology of in-cell touch, making it convenient and smart to use.

If you are looking for a smartphone with great battery timing and good for primary everyday usage yet economical, Vivo Y20 can be your best pick. The Vivo Y20 price in Pakistan 4 64 provides the best android features at reasonable prices.


Vivo has manufactured this glossy polished android which fits perfectly in your hand. The eye-catching vibrant colors give Vivo Y20 its amazing signature style. The body specifications are:

  • Glass front.
  • Plastic frame.
  • Plastic back.

The dimensions are 6.40 in × 3.00 in × 0.33 in. The weight of Vivo Y20 is 192.3 grams.

Vivo Y20 Body


The Vivo Y20 colors are its signature and unique feature. It comes in 2 vibrant colors.

Obsidian black:

This color was selected by taking inspiration from volcanic glass. This elegant greyish shade gives a very sophisticated and gem look. If you like basic shades of black and grey, obsidian black can be your best choice.

Dawn White:

The glossy white is the most elegant shade of Vivo Y20. The inspiration for the color was taken from morning horizons and its soft aura. Just like at dawn, the sunshine brightens your life; the vibrant hues of light white also add beauty to it.

Vivo Y20 Colors in Pakistan Vivo Y20 Colors


The android comes with a lot of new technologies and some old ones. The Vivo Y20 specifications are illustrated below.

The basic specifications are:

Feature Specs
Processor type Helio P35
Battery (normal capacity) 5000 mAh
Operating system (OS) OS 1 1 (fun touch)
GPU Adreno 610
Sim slots 2
Type of sim slot Nano-sim cards
SD card slot Micro-SD
Sim mode Dual sim
Standby mode Dual standby
3G WCDMA B1/5/8
2G GSM B3/5/8
4G TDD LTE B38/40/41
4G FDD LTE B1/3/5/7/8

Camera specifications:

The smartphone comes with three rear cameras and one front camera. The Al triple macro cameras of Vivo Y20 include various features and filters, including face beauty. The camera also features intelligent shots for capturing the best images in front of your eyes.

Cameras are also installed with PDGAF technology, making every detail shine.

The Bookeh 2MP camera provides the portrait mode. It provides more depth to your portrait images with updates and sophisticated algos. The camera offers the focus within a 4 cm range, showing minute and tiny details.

The Vivo Y20 camera specifications are listed below.

The camera comes with multiple scene mode options, including Photo, Portrait, Video, Live Photo, Time-Lapse, Panorama, and DOC.

Feature Specs
Front camera 8 Mega Pixels
Rear camera 1 13 Mega Pixels
Rear camera 2 2 Megapixels
Rear camera 3 2 Mega Pixels
Flash Rear
Front camera aperture f/1.8
Rear camera one aperture f/2.2
Rear camera two aperture f/2.4
Rear camera three aperture f/2.4
Video specs 1080 pixels @ 30 frames per second (fps)

Vivo Y 20 Camera Specifications


The In-plane switching (IPS) and 6.51 inches display is an excellent feature of the Vivo Y20. The android provides an impressive 1600 * 720 HD resolution display, which is best for your video games and watching movies or dramas.

The in-cell technology provides a colorful and vibrant visual. The phone also has the feature of eye protection. It filters the dangerous blue wavelength and protects your eyes. You need to turn on the mode from settings.

Display feature Specs
Type IPS
Size 102.3 cm2, 6.51 inches
Resolution 720 * 1600 pixels
Ppi density ~270

Vivo Y 20Display


The Vivo Y20 battery is a lithium polymer (Li-po) and non-removable battery. The capacity of the battery is 5000 milli-amperes per hour (mA/h). The smartphone has good battery timing. The charger provides 10 watts of fast charging.

The battery is installed with the technology of Al power saving. Once you completely charge your phone, it will stay up to almost 15 hours, even if you stream online HD movies.

If you play high-intensity and heavy games, the battery stays up to 8 hours. Vivo Y20 has another great feature of reverse charging. However, you will need a separate OTG cable for that.

Media specifications:

The supported media features of Vivo Y20 are listed below.

Media Specs
Supported Audio playback MP3, MP2, WAV, AMR-NB, Vorbis, MIDI, FLAC, APE
Video recording MP4
Video playback MP4, AVI, 3GP, FLV, MKV
Voice recording Installed and supported

Location specifications:

The following tracking software can find the location.

  • GPS. The GPS location can be turned on from the settings. You will need to turn on the location access which will automatically activate the GPS location.
  • BeiDou.
  • Galileo.

The smart motion feature provides the convenience of usage. You can turn on the smart motion from settings. The smart motion enables you to turn on the screen by double-tap or just sliding your hand from above the screen.

The smart call feature lets you pick up a call or dial a contact just by putting your Vivo Y20 close to your ear. Remember to open the contact or messages thread of the person you want to call.

Smart bright keep the screen on if your face is directed towards the mobile screen. Make sure the front camera is not blocked.

Turning on smart mute helps you automatically mute your phone when it’s ringing. Cover your phone or slide your hand from above.

Vivo specific technologies installed:


The multi turbo 3.0 consists of a center and Al turbo providing smooth and trouble-free use. The center turbo works at the base level to solve the system’s abnormalities. The Al turbo resolves abnormalities caused by 3rd party.

These features have provided a fantastic user experience by smooth functioning, rapid cooling, and hassle-free gameplay features.

Al albums:

The albums also provide memory options displaying your memories from days, months, and years back. It also provides the feature to group your pictures according to any specific event or date.

The albums also provide the feature of creating collages and mixing your different photos in innovative ways.

Fingerprint scanner:

The fingerprint scanner located at the side of your phone provides the ease of unlocking your phone within 0.22 seconds. Moreover, face recognition technology provides another advanced feature to unlock your phone and high security instantly.

Other options for mobile security are pin, password, and pattern lock. Vivo Y20 is installed with other sensors, which include:

  • Accelerometer
  • Compass and magnetometer
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Virtual Gyroscope sensor
  • Proximity sensor

Vivo Y20

Gaming options:

Vivo Y20 has an ultra-game mode that presents advanced features and great visuals to play many games on your phone. You can also turn on the ‘do not disturb mode to avoid distracting notifications during gameplay.

The customized audio and stereo effects provided by ultra-game mode are also an exceptionally great feature provided by Vivo Y20. You can also disable auto-brightness. It also provides the option of game picture-in-picture to open messaging option as well.


The Vivo Y20 offers various connectivity options. The smartphone is OTG, FM, and GPS supported. Other connectivity specifications are:

Connectivity Specs
Bluetooth 5.0
Wi-Fi 2.4/5 GHz
Micro USB 2.0


The Vivo Y20 variants are the following. They come with slight updates.

Vivo Y20 4/128:

The Vivo Y20 4/128 GB was launched in August 2020. The variant comes with an increased storage capacity of 128 GB. The phone also has increased resolution in the video recording of 1920 x 1080 pixels @ 30 fps (frames per second).

This variant is also called Vivo Y20 S.

Vivo Y20 G:

The Vivo Y20 G variant comes with 64/128 GB internal storage.

Vivo Y20s G:

The Vivo Y20 s G comes with 4/6 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage. Vivo Y20s G offers high-quality images and a 98% power increase. This variant is available in two colors of purest blue and obsidian black. The purist blue is an addition, and the inspiration has been taken from the blue ocean waves.

The fingerprint sensor unlocks the phone in just 0.17 seconds. The variant is installed with fast charging of 18 W. Once your Vivo Y20s G is fully charged, it can stay up to 20 hours.


The smartphone comes with documentation, a USB power adaptor, protective case, USB, and sim ejector. The protective film comes being applied on the screen.


The Vivo Y20 price in Pakistan is reasonable and budget-friendly. The price of variants is slightly different.

Vivo Price in Pakistan
Vivo Y20 Rs. 26,999
Vivo Y20 S / Vivo Y20 4 128 Rs. 30,999
Vivo Y20 G Rs. 33,999
Vivo Y20s G Rs. 29,999

The Vivo Y20 and its variants are good android phones for users. Their stylish look, amazing colors, specifications, storage, and latest technologies make it one of the best androids manufactured by Vivo. Get your hands on Vivo Y20 or Vivo Y20 S and change your style statement.

The article concludes with everything you need to know before buying Vivo Y20 or any of its variants.

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