Monday, September 25, 2023

Wajahat Rauf got emotional while talking about Junaid Jamshed

Producer Wajahat Rauf along with his wife Shazia Wajahat recently appeared as a guest on private TV during which the host mentioned to them the incident related to Junaid Jamshed.

To remind the host, Purjahat Rauf said that  Junaid Jamshed and I were in the same college in Los Angeles. On the occasion of August 14, we booked Junaid’s concert through the manager. He said that if you pay 800 dollars in advance, we have paid it, but despite the payment, the concert could not take place due to the visa problems of the musicians.

Wajahat Rauf said that after that we came back to Pakistan, after 2 years I became good friends with Junaid and one day he called me at home, at that time I was aware of Junaid’s economic hardship which I felt. Junaid Jamshed had remembered me for financial help but when I reached home there was only a sofa, Junaid told me that he had sold his house and cars too.

The director further said that when I asked Junaid for any help, he told me that you don’t need any help, but I just found out that you had given me 800 dollars in advance for the concert so that money of yours I want to return it, then he told me that I want to pay off your loan by playing the guitar in your restaurant, on my refusal, Junaid insisted and said, “Because I don’t want to appear before Allah for your loan.” Junaid then paid that money through my restaurant show.

He further said that there is no doubt that the renowned Naat-e-Khawan Junaid Jamshed was an excellent human being

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