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Walee’s Influencer Industry Insights Report aims to Make the Campaign Choice more Analytical, Based on Data and Customer Preference than Personal Preference

Change is the only constant in the business world. Technology innovation has transformed the world, and business is no exception to the change. Driving influencer marketing, Walee Technologies (WALEE) recognizes that there is always room for perfection.

WALEE, Pakistan’s leading Influencer Marketing and Social Commerce SaaS platform, launched Pakistan’s first data-driven Influencer Industry Insights Report for 2021-2022 based on an AI-powered social listening tool. The tool allows agencies and brands to craft more rewarding and effective ad spend (ROAS) campaigns.

The findings are based on analyzing approximately seven million data points, thousands of Instagram posts, 500+ million video views, and performance analysis of influencers in terms of engagement, campaigns, gender, etc. The report will include the following:

  • Top 10 Industries with the most Influencer Campaigns
  • Top 10 Industry Campaigns by most Female Representation
  • Top 10 Industry Campaigns by most Male Representation
  • Top 10 Campaigns Generating the most Content
  • Top 10 Male & Female Influencers by Content Engagement rate

Having the honor of being awarded the “Best Marketing Solution” and “Best Startup” by the Pakistan Association of Software Houses (PASHA), WALEE is Pakistan’s leading social commerce platform and influencer marketing organization with more than 150,000+ influencers and 5,000 merchants across 300 cities serving clients globally.

WALEE is operating in a market worth USD 104 billion based on the innovative vision of service at scale, connecting creators to brands, connecting agencies to market.

From the gender perspective, AER was better by the Top 10 male influencers between 32% to 178% compared to female counterparts of 25% to 111%. At the same time, females were more prominent in the fashion and lifestyle industry campaigns. The data reveals that women trust other women’s opinions regarding Fashion and lifestyle. Furthermore, they give emotional value to the campaign or message. The industries with the most Influencer Campaigns include Fashion (22.8%), beauty (22.2%), and FMCG (15.6%).

Walee aims to rapidly expand the intelligence suite, making a choice more analytical based on data and customer preference than personal preference. Having the potential to transform the industry, the clients can make more well-analyzed and calculated campaigns.

The report paves the path for the right influencer mix by synchronizing success and demographic metrics. With the right mix, the clients can have more engagement, increased audiences, campaign effectiveness, and content accuracy.

A metric we found most interesting, was Walee’s Influencer Quality Score (IQS) – this is a Walee proprietary scoring method which facilitates shortlisting and ranking of influencers.

Utilizing IQS as benchmark during the planning stage can help advertisers optimize selection and campaign execution.

Download the report here:

Drop an email to [email protected] to get in touch with Walee to set up a walkthrough of their technology products.

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