Sunday, July 14, 2024

‘Want to Take Revenge of 2011 Defeat’ Shoaib Akhtar Makes Bold Prediction on Indo-Pak World Cup Encounter

The former Pakistani sprinter predicted an India-Pakistan World Cup final and Asia Cup final.

“Both the Asia Cup and World Cup finals will feature India and Pakistan. Pakistan will travel to India for the World Cup, and India will travel to Pakistan (for the Asia Cup).

I want people on both sides to disseminate optimism and bridge the gap rather than burning bridges because I am extremely optimistic that relations between India and Pakistan will improve and trade will resume. Shoaib Akhtar said as much to Sports Today.

“I want to exact revenge for the 2011 World Cup, as I didn’t participate in that game, and I want to watch the India vs. Pakistan final in Wankhede or Ahmedabad,” Shoaib Akhtar continued.

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