Saturday, July 20, 2024

Spotify Removes Several Bollywood Songs Over Licensing Issue, Fans Lash Out

When talks to renew their licence arrangement with Zee Music Company fell down last week, Spotify has pulled the complete collection of Bollywood songs from Zee Music Company.

Bollywood fans didn’t take it lying down and expressed their displeasure on social media, with some even threatening to stop paying for the music streaming service.

Spotify reportedly stated in a statement to the Hindustan Times that it and Zee Music were unable to come to a licencing arrangement.

In an effort to come to a mutually beneficial agreement with Zee Music, Spotify has explored all available creative avenues. We will keep negotiating in good faith until we do so.

The cast members Makhna from Drive (2019), Zaalima from Raees (2017), and Maiyya Mainu from Jersey (2022) have all been dropped.

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