Sunday, April 21, 2024

Wapda Bans Employees From Carrying Smartphones at Workplace

Middle and lower level management are not allowed to bring smartphones into the office, according to the Water & Power Development Authority (Wapda), due to the possibility of critical data being compromised.According to a notification sent on April 14 by the Wapda secretary, the Authority has decided that officers with the rank of general manager and above will only be permitted to carry smart phones (Android/iOS) inside office premises due to the current security situation and threat alerts.

The responsibility of ensuring that the directives are carried out in letter and spirit falls to the general manager (security). From today (Monday), staff are not allowed to bring smartphones.

The regular sharing of government papers on various social media platforms has drawn attention from the authorities. All general managers are responsible for making sure the workers under their administrative control don’t engage in similar behaviour in the future. Any departure from the rules will result in legal action under applicable conduct and cyber laws.

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