Saturday, June 15, 2024

Watch Video: Azam Khan Wiping Sweat with Dollars

In a fun moment caught on video, Pakistani cricketers Azam Khan and Babar Azam shared a light-hearted exchange. The video shows Azam Khan using foreign money to wipe sweat off his face in a playful way.

The interaction happened casually, with Azam Khan joking around by pretending to use dollars as a handkerchief. This humorous gesture made everyone around laugh, and the video quickly spread on social media.

Known for his cheerful personality, Azam Khan brought some fun to the moment, and Babar Azam joined in with a smile. The video reveals the friendly bond between the players, showing how they enjoy each other’s company beyond cricket.

Fans of Pakistani cricket enjoyed seeing this lighter side of their favorite players amid their busy schedules. The video has received positive feedback, with many people liking how the players show camaraderie and humor.

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