Friday, September 22, 2023

‘We Haven’t Lost a Game of Cricket for the Last Three Months, So it’s a Timely Reminder,’ Pakistan Head Coach on India Defeat

Pakistan suffered a humiliating 228-run defeat against rivals India in the Asia Cup on Monday. This crushing loss was Pakistan’s biggest-ever defeat to India in ODI cricket history.

In response, Pakistan’s head coach Grant Bradburn stated that this heavy defeat served as a “timely reminder” for the team to improve their game ahead of the upcoming ICC World Cup next month.

Bradburn acknowledged that Pakistan was outplayed in all aspects of the match. “We lost at all facets of the game,” he admitted. “There are no justifications, the last two days weren’t good enough.”

However, the coach insisted this loss could prove beneficial for Pakistan in the long run. “It’s a timely reminder that we need to turn up every day, put in our best on the park, and it’s actually a gift in the last two days we haven’t done that,” he said.

This defeat exposed some glaring weaknesses in both Pakistan’s batting and bowling departments. Their bowling attack which has been lethal so far in the Asia Cup was unable to contain the Indian batsmen.

The coach said that the team will analyze this defeat and work on improving their batting skills in particular before the World Cup. This loss has refocused the team and provided a reality check at the right time ahead of the mega event.

Overall, Bradburn insisted Pakistan will learn from this experience and bounce back strongly. The heavy defeat is a timely reminder for the team to step up their game as they aim for World Cup glory next month.

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