Wednesday, May 31, 2023

What is Fitrah? Why Should We Pay Fitrana Before Eid al-Fitr?

Fitrana is also called Zakat al-Fitr, “the Charity of Breaking the Fast” of Ramadan, and Zakat al-Fitrah, the Human Nature’s Charity, or the Human Creation.

It is known by this last name because it is a required charity for every Muslim at the end of Ramadan, no matter one’s age or gender.

It is the charitable donation that must be given to the poor before Eid-ul-Fitr prayer. By compulsion, a Muslim has to pay Fitrana by the end of Ramadan.

Fitrana should be paid by mature, sane, not in needy, and poor individuals. On the off chance that a family has one provider and 6 wards, he ought to pay for every last one of his wards.

Fitrana Eligibility

The recipients eligible for this money are the same as the people you can pay Fitrana amount to:

  • The poor (low-income households)
  • The needy (someone who is in difficulty)
  • Zakat administrators who distribute
  • New Muslims
  • Slaves and captives
  • People in debt
  • People stranded or traveling with few resources.

Now that you know how to calculate Fitrana amount in Ramadan 2023, try to pay the amount to those in need to make their Eid-ul-Fitr better and more joyous.

Amount of Fitra and Fidya

The following is the detailed description of the amount of Fitra and Fidya to be paid by Muslims. It depends on one’s financial capacity and affordability to pay accordingly.

• Wheat flour 2kg:
Fitra: Rs. 320
Fidya: Rs. 9600

• Barley 4kgs:
Fitra: Rs. 480
Fidya: Rs. 14,400

• Dates 4kgs:
Fitra: Rs. 2800
Fidya: Rs. 84,000

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