Friday, May 24, 2024

Mufti Anas’s Dragging Sana Khan, What the Truth? Here is the Video

While all the big Indian superstars attended the Iftar party organized by Baba Siddique in Mumbai, actress Sana Khan, who left showbiz, was also seen with her husband Mufti Anas.

A video from this grand Iftar party is going viral in which Sana Khan and her husband Mufti Anas are seen hurrying inside the venue.

Sana Khan can be heard saying that ‘I can’t walk anymore, I am tired’.

Soon after the video was posted, comments poured in from many and fans were worried as to why Mufti Anas was pulling them up.

After these comments, Sana Khan’s stance also came out. Former actress Sana Khan revealed the truth about the reality of this viral video.

“When we came out, we lost contact with the driver and the car and I stood longer than usual and started sweating, due to anxiety, they wanted to take me in quickly so that I could sit and drink water,” she said.

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