Monday, October 2, 2023

Who Ever Goes into This Jheel May Not Return Safely

Haleji lake, which is 60km from Karachi, is known to be the most dangerous lake in Pakistan. The water isn’t safe for the public as many dangerous animals, such as crocodiles, are present in it. Many locals living close to it have faced the terrible jaws of the creature.

It was recorded that a young girl was dragged into the unsafe waters by the crocodile while she was trying to fetch water for her family. Another case was of an elderly man whose leg was cut off by the monster of that area which led to him having a fake leg to carry on ever days work.

This has made the work of the local fishermen very hard. These people risk their lives for the sake of the few rupees they can get.

No one is quite sure about the amount of the crocodiles that are present there but they do say that their size is mostly as big as 10 to 12 feet long.

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