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Why is existence of Lake Saiful Mulok in danger?

The existence of the most beautiful lake in Asia, Saiful Muluk, is in danger.

Millions of tourists visit Naran every year just to see Lake Saiful Muluk, whose views change continuously from April to August. However, the diameter of the lake is decreasing rapidly due to climatic changes and mountain debris brought by heavy rains.

Waqas Khan, in charge of Saiful Muluk National Park, told Geo News that due to floods, the soil is coming down from the mountains repeatedly, along with stones, which are filling the lake, causing a lot of damage. A little attention is needed.

The centuries-old Saif-ul-Mulok Lake is also a natural breeding ground for the rare Pakistani trout, whose unique taste is exemplified.

According to the Chairman of the Tourism Promotion Association, Kaghan Valley Mutiullah, it will be filled in two to three years, and the government needs to pay special attention to this.

Experts say that if the debris entering the Saiful Mulok Lake is not stopped by any means, there is also a fear of damaging Naran Bazar due to the overflow of the lake water during heavy rains.

It should be noted that Saiful Muluk Lake is located in the Naran Valley at an altitude of 10578 feet, and every year, thousands of people reach it by jeep or on foot from Naran.

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