Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Why Trees Are Painted White?

While traveling in a car or walking, you may have seen roadside trees with their bottoms painted white.

Have you ever wondered why trees are given a white coat?

What benefits or effects does it have on the trees?

Usually, this white color is seen on the trunk of trees and the reason (or reasons) behind it is also quite interesting. It may be hard to believe but it is done for a scientific reason.

Lime is used to paint the trees and in doing so the lime reaches every lower part of the tree. Due to this, the trees get protection from insects or termites while increasing their lifespan.

Lime protects the upper surface of the tree and the bark does not break easily. Another advantage of using white paint on the tree is also mentioned by Cornell University experts.

He said that the white color protects the roots of the tree from the sun’s rays, while in some countries it is also used as a road sign.

In countries where there are no street lights, white paint is used on roadside trees. So when the light of the car falls on the tree, the tree is clearly identified.

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