Monday, October 2, 2023

With Only One Foot, Pakistani Pilgrim Arrives in Makkah All Set to Perform Hajj  

Muhammad Shafeeq, a 43-year-old Pakistani pilgrim, irrespective of tragically losing a foot in a road accident reaches Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj. It took 30 years for Shafeeq to actualize his dream of visiting Makkah and performing Hajj.

Muhammad Shafeeq walks with the support of crutches and is all positive about his spiritual journey of Hajj. Recalling the bus accident which resulted in the loss of a foot, Shafeeq says although he was 13 years old at that time, he never felt any timidity or loss of courage.

Shafeeq is excited and eagerly awaits the blessed moments of Hajj, Arafat, and the Day of Tarwiyah. His years-long hard work and savings made him fulfill his dream of visiting the Holy Ka’ba, where he intends to perform the rituals having a sense of satisfaction.

The unwavering determination of Muhammad Shafeeq is a testament that it takes faith and optimism with courage to visualize your dreams. Muhammad Shafeeq is an inspiration for many others.

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