Sunday, July 14, 2024

Non-DHA Residents Banned from Entering Nisar Shaheed Park

The Defense Housing Authority (DHA), Karachi has released a statement banning non-DHA residents from entering Nisar Shaheed Park, Phase IV. The DHA authorities took to Twitter to officially allow only the DHS residents to enjoy the park.

The authorities have also stated a particular dress code for the visitors as well. According to the statement, people visiting the park must wear a sports kit or they can go for joggers paired with Shalwar Kamiz. Pants and shirts are also allowed.

The residents were also humbly requested to keep with the management’s entry protocols for ensuring a peaceful environment. Residents will be allowed in families or groups only. Individual entries are also banned.

Farrukh Rizvi, the DHA’s spokesperson, while talking to the local media stated that the decision is made in the best interest of DHA residents.

Although the method to identify non-DHA residents is not yet outlined, will the authorities be able to follow the instruction is yet to be seen.

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