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WomenInTechPK founder Faiza Yousuf earns spot in finals of Women in Tech Ally of the Year 2020

Karachi Faiza Yousuf, founder of WomenInTech and co-founder of CodeGirls, has added yet another feather to her hat by securing a spot in the finals of the prestigious WomenTech Network Women in the Year 2020 Tech Ally Competition.

In recognition of their outstanding contributions as an ally to minorities in technology, the Women & Diversity in Tech Ally of the Year Award annually honours up to three honorees. People, activities, services, projects and/or teams are honoured by the Prize. Nomination for the award includes a full profile of the application. All applications nominated are publicly available. A digital award certificate is given and a photo of the winner of the award will be posted on the website of the WomenTech Network to celebrate the achievements of individuals and to inspire other leaders to receive this prestigious award.

During the WomenTech Global Awards, recognition of this award will be granted at a special assembly.

This award not only honours the Women Tech Network leaders who show competence in all aspects of their community participation and leadership, but motivates all future leaders to live to the highest expectations according to the ideals of the network. Those who achieve the award provide a consistent example for other leaders to pursue and the Women & Diversity in Tech Ally of the Year Award helps all aspiring leaders to obtain a firm through its specific and clear criteria for achieving impact.

WomenInTechPk serves as a forum for women in tech to share their experiences, challenges, exchange ideas and opinions, network, share and access opportunities and forge concrete partnerships to ultimately build positive professional and social effects, as one of Faiza Yousuf’s biggest contributions to the local tech space.

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