Friday, December 1, 2023

World’s Cutest Solar Farm in China is Shaped like a Panda

China has completed a 250-acre solar farm in the form of a panda as a sign of its commitment to expanding its renewable energy resources. As China continues to lead the globe in investments in renewable energy, the endeavor serves in part as a public relations campaign.

Panda Green Energy employed both darker monocrystalline silicon and lighter thin film cells to simulate the appearance of darker and lighter solar panels. In order to create an array that resembles the size and shape of a huge panda, the energy business was able to stagger the solar panels.

Recent completion of the solar power plant’s first phase added 50MW (of the planned 100MW) to Datong, China’s electrical grid. China Merchants New Energy, Panda Green Energy’s major stakeholder, suggested the panda-shaped plant in May 2016. It was swiftly approved as a means of gaining Chinese young support for the development of sustainable energy sources.

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