Friday, March 1, 2024

World’s Oldest and Largest Hand Ax Discovered in Saudi Arabia

In a groundbreaking archaeological discovery, researchers unearthed what is believed to be the world’s oldest and largest hand ax in Saudi Arabia’s ancient city of Qara. Measuring an impressive 20.2 inches (51.3 cm) in length, the ax captivates attention for its substantial size and weight, yet it remains wieldy with two hands. The tool’s sharp edges indicate its likely function in cutting, though the specific materials or objects it targeted remain shrouded in mystery.

Situated in the northwest of Saudi Arabia, the ancient city of Qara has become a focal point for international researchers seeking to unravel the mysteries of early human history. While the precise age of the hand ax awaits determination, its discovery offers a tantalizing glimpse into a distant past that may stretch back thousands of years.

The research team, delving into the Qara Plain, also uncovered a trove of tools dating back approximately 200,000 years, underscoring the significance of the site in piecing together humanity’s ancient technological evolution. Further investigations are imperative to unveil the origin, age, and specific purpose of this monumental hand ax, shedding light on the practices and capabilities of early human societies in the Arabian Peninsula.

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