Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Xiaomi Patents a Smartphone Design with Removable Cameras

Xiaomi is known for patenting the use of unique smartphone designs. Lately, when it comes to implementing the cameras, the firm has been seeking various designs. We recently saw that one of the company’s patents had a reflective mirror pop-up camera. Today, another one was discovered by 91Mobiles and this time it is a detachable camera module.

According to an article, Xiaomi’s patent indicates an upfront full-display smartphone.

In reality, the layout may have numerous camera sensors on it. A cutout of one of the photos shows how, if the layout were removed, the phone will look like. Moving on, a few attachments at the top of the phone reveal a potential selfie attachment. That is, front cameras could also be used for this detached style.

Although there is not proper proof of how this will fall into place, with the aid of magnets, there is a chance that Xiaomi will do it. Also, this is not the first time a detachable camera configuration has been used. We saw OPPO’s patent for detachable cameras back in December 2020.

Coming back, there are two shapes in the configuration of the cameras: one is a pill-shaped dual-camera layout, while the other is circular with a four sensor cut-out. Even there is no full picture of a phone available with a circular module.

Having said that, this might also end up as just a schematic and never make it to the final cut, like any other patents. What is almost inevitable, however, is the launch of a foldable Xiaomi smartphone in 2021. In reality, the device’s leaked images have already appeared online.

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