Friday, December 1, 2023

Yemeni Woman Delivers Baby Boy with Only One-Eye

According to media reports, a baby boy was born in Yemen with one eye in March 2022. It is indeed a rare case to come across. The baby also had one eye socket and a single optical nerve, Yemeni journalist Karim Zarai, who posted the child’s photos, said. The baby died seven hours after his birth, local sources said.

According to him, the birth took place last Wednesday at a hospital in Al Bayda governorate, which is located in central Yemen. “This is a very rare case that was known in Greek mythology,” Zarai was quoted as saying.

According to the physicians, the newborn had a hole in its eye and just one vein for vision. The hospital administration made no comments about the situation.

There was no immediate comment from health authorities in war-devastated Yemen. According to media reports, the world has only seen six such cases in the last five centuries.

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