Saturday, May 25, 2024

‘Young Players must Learn from Babar Azam’: Sir Viv Richards

Sir Viv Richards, a West Indian icon and the coach of the Quetta Gladiators, believes that future players interested in T20 cricket can learn from Pakistani captain Babar Azam of the Karachi Kings.

Viv Richards compared Babar Azam to Mohammad Ali in an exclusive interview with Cricket Pakistan, saying that he has the same class as the renowned boxer and shares his characteristic traits.

“Babar reminds me of Mohammad Ali; he’s a classy boxer who won’t knock you out too quickly.” But you know you’ll be bruised when the match is over because Babar never stops jabbing you. “He’s a gentleman,” Viv said.

“Any young players searching for role models should turn to Babar since he doesn’t aim to hit every ball for six. Instead, he’s all about filling in the blanks. Babar is one of the greatest when it comes to accomplishing this.”

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