Saturday, March 2, 2024

ZatiqEasy Launches in Pakistan to Help Online Sellers and SME Create an e-commerce Website in Seconds

“Zatiq, a global technology venture, aims to make a meaningful impact in emerging markets with a suite of products and services bridging the technology and financial gap. With existing presence in four countries, Zatiq has launched its instant e-commerce shop builder and inventory management platform, ‘ZatiqEasy,’ in Pakistan. This app empowers online sellers, SMEs, and social media sellers, enabling them to activate an omni-sales channel instantly, selling through their website, social media, QR shop all while seamlessly managing customers, inventory and financials.

Junaid Amjad, the country manager of @ZatiqPakistan, states, “Creating a website is not easy for most individuals in Pakistan, while e-commerce is one of the fastest-growing industries here. ZatiqEasy will help individual sellers and small entrepreneurs start selling online instantly through an easy-to-use app, avoiding the current complexity of building and maintaining a website.”

ZatiqEasy has already assisted 5000+ online sellers and SMEs to launch their websites outside Pakistan this month alone. “Entering the Pakistan market is a significant milestone for Zatiq; Pakistan’s dynamic demographic and fast-growing technology advancement align seamlessly with Zatiq’s vision.” Says Mumtahina Anika, Managing Director of Zatiq.

This innovative app, designed to be easily used by non-tech-savvy masses in frontier markets, is available for anyone in Pakistan for a 15 days free trial by downloading the ‘Zatiqeasy’ mobile app from the Android Play Store or iOS App Store.


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