Sunday, May 19, 2024

Zoom to Make Meetings Unlimited for Everyone on November 27th

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and to help keep everyone connected, Zoom has a special deal planned for the event. Zoom will remove its 40-minute limit on free meetings on November 26th and will encourage anyone to speak as long as they want.

The limit will be lifted on the morning of November 26th and will continue until the evening of November 27th. Keep in mind that this is a worldwide announcement, which means that Pakistani users can benefit from it just as much as others can.

The company announced this goodwill measure on Twitter earlier this week.

Throughout the pandemic, the 40-minute limit on free meetings has been in place. Most of Zoom’s other video calling rivals like Google Meet still have similar restrictions. For example, Google’s video calling app lets you have a video chat for up to 60 minutes before your session ends. However, by beginning a new call, individuals are easily able to work around the limit.

Hence, the plus side of the limited offer from Zoom is that every 40 minutes you won’t have to start a new call.

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