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10 Cheapest Countries Where You Can Buy Citizenship or Residency

You can buy citizenship at cheap rates by having special visas in these 10 countries. The opportunity is highly beneficial for investors with a golden passport or visa.


Thailand’s golden visa allows eligible international investors with an ‘Elite Visa’ membership program. The investors can get a visa for up to 20 years with a Privilege Entry Visa card. There are eight different card options including Elite flexible one to Ultimate privilege, all having different durations.

The program is operated by Thailand Privilege Card Co., which is a tourism agency. You can get your visa with a minimum application fee of $19,000.


You can get residency in Panama via two types of investor visas by Henley & Partners.

Panama Reforestation Visa Program is a wonderful opportunity where investors have to invest $40,000 for the reforestation initiative.

The Qualified Investor Program allows investors to get a permanent residence via a fixed bank deposit of $750,000, a stock exchange investment of $500,000, or buying a real estate investment of $300,000.


Investors can get citizenship through the Latvia Golden Visa program in three ways as designed by Henley & Partners. The minimum investment would be of €60,000.

  • Buying special-purpose interest-free bonds worth €250,000 with state budget of €38,000.
  • Invest €50,000 into the equity capital at a Latvian company with a contribution worth €10,000 to the state budget.
  • Investment into Subordinated capital worth €280,000 at a Latvian bank for 5 years, with €25,000 investment to the state budget.

Antigua and Barbuda

You can go for any of the three ways to qualify for citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda.

  • Investing $100,000 in National Development Fund is the cheapest way.
  • Investing $400,000 in official real estate with a $30,000 processing fee is another option.
  • Investing at least $1.5 million in an approved business with a $30,000 fee is the most expensive method to get citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda.


Investors can go for any of the two ways, as per the government of the Commonwealth of Dominica.

  • Buying real estate worth $200,000 in a legalized development.
  • Investing $100,000 in the Economic Development Fund is the cheapest option.

St. Lucia

You can go for four investment ways according to the Investment Migration Council, St. Lucia.

  • Invest $100,000 donation to the country’s National Economic Fund. Purchasing real estate worth a minimum of $300,000 is also an option.
  • Investing at least $3.5 million in an enterprise project like restaurants, infrastructure, etc.
  • Investing at least $500,000 in government bonds is another way.


There are two ways to get a residency permit in Grenada.

The investors can contribute $150,000 to the country’s Transformation Fund or buy a property worth a minimum of $220,000. However, in the latter, the property cannot be sold for 4 years.

St. Kitts and Nevis

Follow the following ways to apply for a citizenship permit in St. Kitts and Nevis.

  • Invest $150,000 in Sustainable Growth Fund which promotes various educational, healthcare, and climate change sectors.
  • Contributing $175,000 to Alternative Investment Option is also an opportunity.
  • Another way is to invest $200,000 in an approved real estate project.

North Macedonia

To Apply for residency in North Macedonia, you can either invest €200,000 in an investment fund (private) or invest €400,000 in ‘new facilities’. The second option does not include any restaurants and shopping centers.


Portugal’s Federal Immigration Agency offers eight ways to apply for residency.

  • Create 10 employment opportunities.
  • €1 million capital deposition in Portuguese Bank Account.
  • Buying real estate worth a minimum of €500,000.
  • Purchase real estate property situated in urban regeneration areas or 30 years old for €350,000.
  • Contribute €350,000 to an approved scientific research activity.
  • Contribute €250,000 to an approved cultural heritage or artistic initiative.
  • Deposit €350,000 capital transfer for the acquisition of venture capital fund units or investment funds.
  • Investing €350,000 in a business headquarter in Portugal that can create 5 permanent jobs.

Interested investors can get a residency in these 10 countries by following the methods above.

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