Thursday, June 1, 2023

165 Years old Jeans Auctioned for Rs 2.5 Crore

The jeans were recovered from the cargo of a ship that sank in 1857. The world’s oldest pair of jeans has been auctioned for $114,000, which is roughly Rs 2.5 crore in Pakistani currency.

A pair of jeans were auctioned off at the American auction house Holbert Western American Collections. Furthermore, the white texture of the jeans suggests that they were probably made for use by miners.

Holabird Americana auction house 

The jeans went under the hammer at Holabird Americana auction house on December 3. Also, a load of other objects discovered among the wreckage of the “Ship of Gold.”

SS Central America

The hundreds of historic items on sale were found among the remains of the SS Central America, which sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean in 1857. Moreover, the SS Central America was an 85-meter (280-foot) steamer that operated between Central America and the US East Coast in the 1850s.

Other Iteams

The other items that were sold include dozens of rings, stickpins, cufflinks, and several pocket watch cases. The auction also offered a number of gold coins and paper money from the 1850s, plus a trunk of maritime provisions, keys to the gold treasure room, and passenger luggage tags.

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