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5 Best Hybrid Cars in Pakistan

Hybrid cars are powered by an electric motor and a conventional engine and a hybrid battery that emits less carbon dioxide than traditional ICE cars.

A manual transmission system is not required for the hybrid car; however, an on-board computer system and a highly efficient electric motor handles the operation with an effective engine.

Technology has taken the world to the next level, where the use of technology has made things easy. The world is shifting towards electric mobility to eliminate the carbon footprints up to the maximum level from the whole world and its atmosphere.

Hybrid cars are one of the best initiatives by the automotive industry to eliminate the carbon footprint.

Hybrid Cars in Pakistan

Pakistan is also swiftly moving forward with the fast pace of technology. The latest digitalize systems, along with the updated technological advancements, are implemented in the organizations as well as in daily routine. The auto sector has also contributed to the top advancement of technology by launching innovative hybrid cars.

How Hybrid Cars Work?

Hybrid cars possess a battery pack along with a conventional combustion engine and an electric motor that stored the energy in the battery. A few years back, the trend for these cars started in Pakistan, and till now, it is grabbing the attention of many automotive lovers. These cars were considered fuel-efficient at the time when the prices of fuel started to rise.

Fuel-efficient' hybrid vehicles in vogue - Newspaper - DAWN.COM

However, a hybrid electric vehicle can’t be plugged in as to charge the battery. Instead, the battery is charged easily through regenerative braking as well as by the internal combustion engine of the vehicle.

These fuel-efficient cars are not less than a blessing that anyone can use for their use of transportation in the time where the petrol prices have touched the skies in Pakistan. In this period where there is a rise in petrol prices, the hybrid car has become a very useful option, especially in Pakistan.

Pakistan has a very significant market for these hybrid vehicles like Honda Vezel and Freed, Toyota’s Aqua and Prius. However, these cars are not produced or manufactured locally like in Pakistan; instead, these are imported from different countries, especially Japan.

According to the recent data and statistics, car prices have tremendously increased as there is an increase in demand for brand new and used cars both in the local automotive sector. The prices of the spare parts have also risen; that is why the overall prices have hit a remarkable increase, and a shift in purchasing and selling prices.

The demand for hybrid cars is also increasing as these are environment-friendly and lesser fuel is burnt as well as produces very low carbon emissions. For a long, Pakistan is major and largest importers of the used cars of Japan, and most of them are high-end hybrid or small hatchbacks.

For the best hybrid technology in the world, Toyota is considered to be on the top. Meanwhile, in Pakistan, there are various options in the segment of hybrid cars.

5 Best Hybrid Cars in Pakistan

The model, innovative design, specifications and interior, along with exterior, is what everyone looks for apart from the electronic power details. However, Hybrid cars price in Pakistan is also one of the major features that people considered while purchasing any car.

Toyota and Honda are among the automotive market leaders in Pakistan, where their Hybrid car’s quality is for sure not to be doubtful ever. Toyota hybrid cars price in Pakistan is from mid to high range as now the cars are more expensive and the prices of all vehicles are increasing in the local markets.

These car-giants never compromise on their quality, and the world knows that and trusts the brands. However, their best-selling hybrid vehicles in Pakistan are as follows:

Toyota Hybrid Cars in Pakistan

  1. Toyota Aqua
  2. Toyota Prius
  3. Toyota Corolla Axio Hybrid

Honda Hybrid Cars in Pakistan

  1. Honda Vezel
  2. Honda Fit

Toyota Aqua:

Toyota Aqua – The Most Fuel-efficient Compact Car

Toyota Aqua is like one of the most liked vehicles among all the latest hybrid cars in Pakistan. It is designed by using Hybrid Synergy Technology with an EFI that like offers the best economy of fuel.

The Toyota Aqua models that are available in Pakistan are:

  • Toyota Aqua L, G and S
  • Toyota Aqua G LED
  • Toyota Aqua X Urban

This vehicle has total 4-cylinder that are of the 1.5-liter while having a VVT-I engine that has a CVT automatic transmission which produces an output power of about 72hp to the maximum level.

It is a 1496cc 5-door hatchback vehicle that can accelerate up to an amazing speed of 180km/h. Toyota Aqua price is competitive with the other brand’s hybrid vehicles in Pakistan.


Toyota Aqua 1st generation latest hybrid in 2021 have amazing exterior features with a unique and stylish sporty design. The facelift variant of this vehicle featured a whole series of cosmetic upgrades.

However, the front end houses with sleek, narrow and upswept LED headlights with a large hexagon grille as well as standard angular trapezium like styled fog lights are attached.


The interior of this car compromises the black plastic trim pieces. However, the front and the rear seats are fully covered in leather fabric. Standard features are also added by including the automatic climate control along with a 4-speaker of the stereo speaker system, a 3.5-inch multi-information display and much more unique parts are included.

This top-notch hybrid car provides a fuel economy that is more than 30 km per litre. The engine is 1.5 Liter of DOHC 16 Valve with Inline-4. It is one of the amazing choices for year 2021.

Toyota Prius:


This is an attractive-looking hybrid cars in Pakistan’s local automotive market. Toyota has become the cleanest vehicles in terms of eliminating carbon emissions, and for this, the company has also designed its luxury Hybrid Toyota Prius.

Toyota has designed this vehicle with EFI along with Hybrid Synergy Technology just like Aqua. This brand new car costs much higher than aqua in Pakistan. However, the Toyota Prius that is used and imported from other countries, costs between a range of cheap to higher prices depending on the model, like the generation of the car.

It has an 1800 cc engine that is like to an automatic transmission which produces an output power maximum of 134 hp. In addition to this, it also has two powerful motors that also provide the better fuel efficiency.

This vehicle has a seating capacity of 5 people, and it also offers an outstanding fuel economy of about 36 to 40 km per litre.

Moreover, it is equipped with safety as well as security features that include six airbags, ABS brakes, central locking and much more. It is the best hybrid car that you can buy this year.

Toyota Corolla Axio Hybrid:


Toyota Corolla Axio Hybrid is basically not a famous choice in Pakistan; however, it offers a sensational experience.

This car has a seating capacity of total of five persons, just like the other hybrid cars, but it possesses an engine of 1500 cc that also consists of a battery pack it. This vehicle can provide up to 30 km per litre of fuel.

It is also imported currently where the car prices are rising, but this is also happening due to the high demand for cars in the market, specifically the hybrid ones. It is a good choice for the consumers to have; however, people usually go for the Toyota Aqua or Toyota Pirus comparatively to this vehicle.

Honda Vezel:


Honda is known for its luxurious cars. The brand manufactures the most popular Vezel under the Earth Dreams Technology of the company.

Honda Vezel has a powerful engine of 1.5-liter mated that has a 7-speed CVT automatic transmission which can easily produce a maximum power of around 160 hp. The engine of Honda Vezel has a sport hybrid electric motor that offers a total fuel economy of 20 km/litre.

The maximum speed of the Honda Vezel is 180 km/h. It’s likewise accessible in various versions, including Honda Vezel G, X, Z, and so forth; regarding the value, Honda Vezel goes between a mid to high range of cars.

Moreover, in 2021, Honda Vezel is one of the amazing options for SUV lovers to drive this hybrid technology and save the environment as well as fuel due to the hybrid’s fuel efficiency.

Honda Fit

New 2014 Honda Fit (Jazz) Hybrid Officially Revealed - Japanese Car  Auctions - Integrity Exports

Honda Fit is also another hybrid technology that is based on the 5-door vehicle. It is a Japanese auto manufactured car that has powered by engines of 1500 cc mated up to 4-speed CVT of automatic transmission.

This transmission also allows the vehicle to operate at a max level of RPM, and it also achieves the maximum fuel economy. It is also built on the Earth Dreams Technology platform as well as uses an ACE body structure that also helps in distributing the frontal crash energy.

According to the various sources, it is mentioned that Honda Fit is imported in Pakistan under different variants, which are as follows:

  • Honda Fit Base Grade
  • Honda Fit F, L, and S Package series

This vehicle is available in the different price range in Pakistan as different models have different price.

Other Hybrid Cars in Pakistan

660cc hybrid cars are also common in the markets of Pakistan; that is of other brands like the Suzuki Wagon R Hybrid Vehicle. Along with this, the other 1300cc hybrid cars in Pakistan are also available that are preferred in the local market.

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