Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Airline Blacklist Turkish MasterChef Mehmet for Hiding Lemons & Food in His T-shirt and then Eating it During Flight

Turkish Airlines, a well-known airline, has taken a significant step by blacklisting Mehmet Sur, a participant from the popular cooking show MasterChef. The incident occurred during a flight from Istanbul to Gaziantep, where Mehmet Sur was traveling in the Business Class.

He decided to record a video of himself enjoying a traditional Turkish dish known as Sheridan, which is made from a small ventricle of a sheep stuffed with rice and spices, while the in-flight meal service was taking place.

Unfortunately, his decision to share the video on social media had unintended consequences. Turkish Airlines, concerned about its reputation and brand image, decided to impose a strict six-month blacklist on Mehmet Sur. The airline believed that his actions had a negative impact, leading to a falling out of favor with the company.

While social media can be a platform for sharing experiences and moments, it is essential for individuals, especially public figures, to consider the consequences of their actions on the reputation of businesses and organizations they are associated with.

This incident serves as a reminder of the responsibility that comes with using social media platforms and the potential implications on personal and professional relationships.

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