Friday, December 1, 2023

Australian Town Witnesses ‘Fish Raining’ From Sky

Fish started to fall out of the sky like rain, confounding the residents of a small Australian desert town. The incident reportedly took place in the town of Lajamanu, a small settlement in the dry Northern Territory, about 560 kilometres south of Darwin, during a severe downpour and storm.

Initially, it was believed that a large storm that was headed towards the village was just rain. However, Central Desert councilman Andrew Johnson Japanangka told ABC News that “as the rain started to pour, we witnessed fish tumble down as well.”

According to meteorologists, violent updrafts like tornadoes, which suck water and fish out of rivers, can be to blame for instances like this. Before raining down from the sky during a storm, they are transported for many kilometres.

Interestingly, the same peculiar occurrence has previously occurred in the neighborhood. In 2004, 1974, and again in 2010, the exact same event occurred at Lajamanu.

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