Thursday, December 7, 2023

Breaking! Toyota Reduces Car Prices by up to Rs. 1.3 Million in Pakistan

Indus Motor Company (IMC) has lowered its car prices in Pakistan, following the lead of Kia Pakistan and MG Motors. The company has released a circular detailing the updated ex-factory prices for all its vehicles. This reduction is attributed to the recent strengthening of the Pakistani Rupee (PKR) against the US Dollar (USD) in the past few weeks, which was anticipated. As a result, consumers can now enjoy more affordable Toyota cars in the Pakistani market, reflecting the positive impact of the PKR’s improved exchange rate.

In the Yaris range, prices have been cut by Rs. 100,000 for several models. The Toyota Yaris 1.3 MT LO now costs Rs. 4,399,000, while the 1.3 CVT LO is priced at Rs. 4,689,000. The high-end Yaris 1.3 MT Hi and 1.3 CVT Hi models are now available at Rs. 4,659,000 and Rs. 4,899,000, respectively. Furthermore, the Yaris 1.3 CVT Aero model saw a price decrease of Rs. 100,000, bringing it down to Rs. 5,099,000. The 1.5 MT and 1.5 CVT Yaris models have received even more substantial reductions, with Rs. 120,000 taken off their prices.

The Toyota Corolla lineup has also seen considerable price reductions. The 1.6 MT model now costs Rs. 5,969,000, down by Rs. 200,000. The 1.6 CVT and 1.6 CVT SR have both seen reductions of Rs. 210,000 and Rs. 240,000, respectively, with new prices of Rs. 6,559,000 and Rs. 7,189,000. The 1.8 CVT and 1.8 CVT SR models have been discounted by Rs. 230,000 and Rs. 250,000, now priced at Rs. 6,889,000 and Rs. 7,509,000. The 1.8 CVT SR BLK has also seen a price reduction of Rs. 250,000, now available at Rs. 7,549,000.

The Toyota Hilux Revo lineup has seen significant price reductions, with the Hilux E, Revo G, and Revo G models being discounted by Rs. 400,000, Rs. 450,000, and Rs. 470,000, respectively. These models now have new prices ranging from Rs. 11,039,000 to Rs. 12,549,000. The larger Toyota Revo V AT 2.8, Revo V At Rocco, and Revo GR S models have all seen substantial reductions, ranging from Rs. 540,000 to Rs. 790,000.

The Toyota Fortuner lineup has undergone remarkable price adjustments, with reductions ranging from Rs. 1,100,000 to Rs. 1,310,000. This has made the Fortuner series more affordable, with the 2.7 G Petrol, 2.7 V Petrol, 2.8 Sigma 5 Diesel, Fortuner Legender Diesel, and Fortuner GRS models now available at new prices between Rs. 14,499,000 and Rs. 19,899,000.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Provisional Prices: The prices mentioned are not final and are subject to change. The actual price at the time of delivery will be the one applied to the purchase.
  2. Price Components: The new prices listed are ex-factory prices in Karachi and include Sales Tax, Federal Excise Duty (FED), 1% Central Value Tax (CVT), and the dealer’s commission. These components make up the base price of the vehicle.
  3. Additional Charges: The prices do not include various additional charges, such as transportation and transit insurance. These costs will be charged separately at applicable rates to the customers.
  4. Government Levies and Taxes: Any changes in government levies, taxes (including FED, Sales Tax, CVT, etc.), tariff adjustments, fiscal policies, import policies, and forex fluctuations can impact the final price. These changes will be borne by the customer, reflecting the dynamic nature of economic and tax policies.
  5. Income Tax and Withholding Tax: The prices are exclusive of income tax and Withholding Tax (WTH). These taxes will be charged from customers based on applicable tax rates, depending on whether the customer is a filer or non-filer under the Income Tax Ordinance. It means that the tax amount may vary based on the individual customer’s tax status.
  6. Order Terms and Conditions: Customers who place orders for Toyota vehicles are bound by the terms and conditions outlined in the provisional booking order form (PBO). These terms and conditions may specify payment schedules, obligations, and other contractual details. Customers must adhere to these terms for their purchase.
  7. Force Majeure: Customers might also be required to sign and submit a force majeure undertaking. This document typically outlines responsibilities and liabilities in case of unforeseen events or circumstances that could affect the purchase or delivery of the vehicle.

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