Saturday, December 2, 2023

Concept of Delaying Cases in Supreme Court Over From Now: Chief Justice of Pakistan

Chief Justice Qazi Faez Isa made it clear that delaying cases in the top court is no longer acceptable. He said that seeking another date for hearing won’t be tolerated anymore. This is a strong message to everyone that adjournments are a thing of the past. The Chief Justice wants to streamline the process and reduce the number of pending cases.

During the case hearing, the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) observed that there are many pending cases in the Supreme Court. The CJP mentioned that respondents would be informed on one date, and the decision would be made in the next hearing based on the arguments presented. This approach aims to streamline the process and ensure that cases are dealt with efficiently.

The Chief Justice, during a three-member Supreme Court bench hearing a land dispute case, expressed his frustration when a lawyer requested an adjournment for a later date. CJP Isa reprimanded the lawyer and firmly stated that seeking a later date would no longer be entertained. This signifies a shift in the court’s approach towards reducing delays and expediting the resolution of cases.

He said, “Through you, this is also a message for everyone that the trend of seeking adjournments will no longer fly. The number of cases pending before the apex court is quite high.”

CJP Isa highlighted the importance of having all paperwork complete and cases thoroughly prepared in the Supreme Court. Unlike other courts where another date may be given for the hearing to provide additional documents, the Supreme Court expects everything to be in order from the start.

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