Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Drive Away Flies From Home During Monsoon Season

Due to the humidity and rains during the monsoon season, insects and flies multiply, whose presence in the house is unbearable.

Their presence in the home can also prove to be a health hazard and once they are in the home, they are very difficult to remove.

There are a few measures you can take to keep insects and flies away from your home.

Take care of cleanliness:

In spite of all the busyness, take special care of cleaning your house, especially during this season, clean all the surfaces regularly so that the remnants of fallen food ingredients or sweet and sticky items can be cleaned in time, which attract insects and flies. 

Dispose of waste properly:

Try to keep the day’s garbage out of the house at night. If this is not possible, cover the garbage can with a lid at night so that flies are not attracted to it.

Take care of cleaning clogged drains and pipes:

Clogged and dirty drains lead to the breeding of insects and flies. Therefore, apart from the cleaning agents found in the market, try to use cleaning agents made from natural ingredients at home and clean the drains and pipes.

Cover food and drink:

Whether it is cooked food or dry food, always keep all food covered.

Use of mesh:

Install nets on the windows and doors of the house so that air can be arranged in the house without the problem of mosquitoes and flies in this summer season and the entrances of flies can be closed in the house.

Use of natural repellants:

Use natural insect and fly-repellent herbs in your kitchen to get rid of insects and flies.

Cleaning standing water:

Water should not be allowed to stand in decorative pots, damaged car tires, parks, or any containers on roofs, if water accumulates, it should be dried immediately.

Cleaning of equipment:

We often heat food and drinks in the microwave or use a toaster, due to which food particles often fall into the equipment, which requires immediate cleaning. Clean them regularly as food residues attract insects and flies.

Pest Control:

If you have a persistent problem with insects and flies in your home kitchen despite taking preventive measures, get pest control from experts.

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