Sunday, July 14, 2024

Dubai Resident Gifts Football-Inspired House To Messi Fan

A businessman and philanthropist from Dubai gave a farmer in Kerala a home shaped like a football. Zubair Vazhakkad received the keys to this blue and white property last week from Afi Ahmed, the proprietor of Smart Travel in Dubai, as a sign of admiration for his intense devotion to football.

The two-bedroom blue and white house is topped with a sizable football and Lionel Messi’s number 10 shirt, who is Zubair’s favourite player. Zubair had become viral on social media during the FIFA World Cup in Qatar with his impressive analysis of every game.

The football fanatic knew by heart all the statistics of every single FIFA World Cup game played since 1904 and had a keen understanding of the game.

Zubair turned down Afi Ahmed’s offer to take him to Qatar so he could watch the match live at the time because his mother was unwell. Afi made the decision to do something for Zubair.

Moreover, Zubair resided in a run-down house that was flooded with heavy rain. He decided that rebuilding Zubair’s home and doing so in a style that reflected his love of the game would be the perfect present for him.

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