Thursday, December 7, 2023

Dubai to Hold Global Prompt Engineering Championship with Prize Money of 1 Million Dirhams

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, Crown Prince of Dubai, has introduced a generative AI challenge offering a Dh1 million(75,839,909 PKR) prize, a generative artificial intelligence (AI) competition set to take place at Dubai’s Museum of the Future in May of the following year. In this competition, participants will focus on creating prompts, which are specific requests directed at AI language models, such as ChatGPT, to generate responses or solutions.

The initiative aligns with Dubai’s commitment to becoming a hub for top talent and a platform for generative AI startups. It also underscores the emirate’s vision for advancing generative AI solutions, aligning with the directives of its leadership.

The competition is organized by the Dubai Future Foundation and Dubai’s Center for Artificial Intelligence. The event spans two days, with the initial day focused on selecting the top 30 prompt engineering programmers who will advance to the final phase on the second day. These programmers will be divided into five groups, competing in various categories like literature, art, and coding.

Notably, the UAE has demonstrated enthusiasm for generative AI, emphasizing that AI technologies are not eliminating jobs but rather transforming them. The investment in AI is projected to reach $200 billion (55,712,000,000 PKR) globally by 2025, as per a report by Goldman Sachs, indicating the increasing importance and impact of AI in various sectors. However, along with the opportunities, challenges related to economic disruption and cybersecurity vulnerabilities are being addressed by experts, analysts, and government officials as they seek to harness the potential of AI in a responsible and beneficial manner.

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