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Here’s How Much Money Each Team Will Earn From World Cup 2023

In this cricket tournament, teams have the potential to earn $40,000 (11,142,400 PKR) for each victory during the Group Stage matches. However, if a team fails to progress to the knockout stage, they will still receive $100,000 (27,856,000 PKR) at the end of the Group Stage, offering some consolation. The runner-up team will be rewarded with $2 million (557,120,000 PKR), while those reaching the semi-finals but not advancing further will each receive $800,000 (222,848,000 PKR). All these prizes are funded from the total prize pool of $10 million (2,785,600,000 PKR), providing significant incentives for team performance throughout the competition.

During the ICC’s Annual Conference in July 2023, it was announced that equal prize money would be awarded for both men’s and women’s cricket, marking a significant step toward gender equality and recognition of the achievements and contributions of female cricketers on par with their male counterparts.

The prize distribution for the cricket tournament is as follows:

  1. Winner: The team that emerges victorious in the tournament will receive the highest prize money, totaling $4 million (1,114,240,000 PKR).
  2. Runner-up: The second-place team will be awarded a prize of $2 million (557,120,000 PKR).
  3. Losing Semi-Finalists: The two teams that reach the semi-finals but don’t advance further will each receive $800,000 (222,848,000 PKR), making a combined total of $1.6 million (445,696,000 PKR).
  4. Teams Eliminated after Group Stage: For teams that do not advance beyond the group stage, there is a consolation prize of $100,000 (27,856,000 PKR) per team, totaling $600,000 (167,136,000 PKR).
  5. Winner of Each Group Stage Match: Teams have the opportunity to earn $40,000 (11,142,400 PKR) for every victory in their group stage matches, with a potential total of $1.8 million (501,408,000 PKR) allocated for this purpose.

In the ongoing tournament, India has already stamped their place in the semi-finals, displaying an impressive record with eight consecutive victories and topping the points table. South Africa, sharing second place with India, has also secured a semi-final spot. Australia, currently in third place, is on the brink of securing a semi-final berth. Meanwhile, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, and the Netherlands are in a heated competition for the fourth and final semi-final spot. It’s highly probable that either Pakistan or New Zealand will claim that coveted fourth position, setting the stage for an intense battle to advance in the tournament.

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