Monday, April 15, 2024

Suzuki Cultus Price Increased 200% in Last 6 Years.

The best-selling model for Pak Suzuki over the previous six years was the Suzuki Cultus. After the Pandemic, the business sold a staggering 23,169 units of the car in FY21–22, breaking the previous record of 22,763 vehicles sold in FY18–19. 

The base VXR model cost Rs. 12.5 lac when it was first introduced in 2017. VXL, on the other hand, cost Rs. 13.91 lac. The AGS model was revealed by the company a few months later in December 2017, and the highest variation cost Rs. 15.28 lac. 

Cultus hasn’t received any modifications or improvements in the past six years, but the cost has doubled. The standard model of the automobile is currently priced at Rs. 37.18 lac, while the VXL and AGS variants cost 40.84 lac and 43.66 lac, respectively. 

The dollar was worth Rs. 105 in 2017 and is currently worth about Rs. 285. In other words, the rupee loses 171% of its value against the strong dollar. While the vehicles saw an increase of 198%. 

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