Monday, September 25, 2023

First Time Ever, Pakistani Pilot Aamer Waheed Achieves 6th Place In 14th Jet World Masters Competition

Aamer Waheed, a pilot from Pakistan, came in at number six in the most recent edition of the Jet World Masters competition, which was held in Italy. Pakistan takes part for a second time, having first attended the 2019 mega event in China.

Waheed served as both pilot and manager for the Pakistani squad, while his friend Wasif Jalil constructed the model jet they used in both competitions.

Waheed, when asked about the honor and glory he brought to the country, remarked in an exclusive interview with Geo News, “It is not a game of chance.”

“To compete at the highest levels, aeromodellers from all over the world put in tens of thousands of hours of work and hundreds of practice flights. We would have been happy with a top ten finish,” he said.

He offered his insight, saying that in order to compete at this level, one must devote thousands of hours to construction and hundreds of flights to practice.

The result is that “sometimes it can get boring because there are other aspects of the hobby that you want to explore or other hobbies altogether which pique your interest,” he said.

When asked who these events are for and why they’re essential, he said they’re for enthusiasts and the general public to see how experts use cutting-edge technology to create and fly models.

The significance of these gatherings resides in the fact that people from different countries are able to find common ground and make friendships. Because you have a common language with one another, it’s a special place to live,” Waheed said. Anyone who shares this passion was urged to “go for your dreams” by the speaker.

This is so because to the maxims “you’ll never know what you’re made of until you take the plunge” and “every challenge is an opportunity to learn.”

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