Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Frank Caprio, Chief Judge of Famous court of providence wearing Peshawari Topi Gifted by Pakistani-US couple

A Pakistani couple presented a Peshawari hat as a gift to famous American judge Frank Caprio during the hearing of a case related to wrongful parking. Frank Caprio stars in the famous series ‘Caught in Providence’.

After the hearing, the couple requested a photo with the Caught in Providence judge, which the judge agreed to. On this occasion, the couple presented the judge with the traditional Pakol hat. Frank Caprio, Chief Judge of the Municipal Court of Providence, was pleased with the present.

The video is making rounds on social media since yesterday and has amassed massive views. Citizens appreciated the couple for owning and presenting the culture of Pakistan in a foreign country. While living abroad, the couple embraced Pakistani tradition and citizens praised them for this act. Others added that this gesture of the couple shows their love and warmth for their culture and country.

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